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Deluxe Poltergiest Portraits

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A great way to use our Shock Therapy prop! The Great Burndini can be a new way to make extra money at your haunt, by having this as a side attraction!

It's a magic trick gone horribly wrong!

"Come one, come all! Come and see the great Burndini (try to) withstand 999 thousand volts of electricity and then try to escape the death chair before he bursts into flames!

This is an amazing magic trick to see! Burndini will wow the audience with this death-defying trick, you won't want to miss it!"

Check out the full prop on the Props Page!

Check out the do it yourself Kit on the Kits page!

Deluxe Poltergiest Portraits

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Deluxe Poltergeist Portraits

New for 2014!

Frightening poltergeist nightmares emerge from seemingly cordial classic portraits!

Three mind-bending portrait changes!

This comes with our controllerboard, so you can hook lights up to it. When the effect happens, the lights will turn on and/or off along with the effect, and then resets, ready to scare the next set of guests!

You can also hook up our air/water plaster to add to this awesome effect!

army spider super

3 New Gumball Machines, Read for Consumption!

Standing 4 and a half feet tall, these creepy gumball machines will be the talk of the town! Make money year after year.

These gumball machines are the perfect addition to your game room, store, haunted house, or home. The machine can dispense gumballs, candy, bounce balls and mini glow sticks.

These gumball machines and MORE can be found in the Candy Machines section, in the navigation menu in the upper left, or by clicking HERE!

MSRP $650 Each

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NEW DIY Kits have arrived!

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Now you can order our new specially designed kits, and build some of our most popular props yourself!

Easy to follow directions, Video files, diagrams, and custom parts.

Different price levels for every kit, from simple to deluxe to accomodate your budget!

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Snowman Projection Disc

His name is Flakey, and he can't wait to sing to you or your holiday guests! Comes with SD card/DVD and a solid metal snowman cutout to be projected on.

Flakey is the first of many new products that will be housed in our new Christmas page, accessed from the Christmas link in the Navigation menu to the left!

You can buy an SD Player Here!

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Parts, Parts Parts!

Juneau Studios now carries an assortment of parts, for kits and DIY projects and repairs.

You can check out our new wares at the Parts page, in our navigation menu to the left!

You can also click this link!

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Zombie or Alien Virus Cannister

Life Sized Military Barrel, with gages and zombie virus label. When triggered, a zombie or alien pops up with sound, and sprays out a blast of air or water at your haunt guests!

A great scare!

Comes with controller and motion censor to set the prop off.

Choose from either an Alien or Zombie!


MSRP $1799


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Order Up!

The chosen effect rotates slowly and then as they expand and blow up, the microwave sprays out water or air at your party guests! All real metal microwave housing: Custom built housing looks just like a rusty microwave!

Comes with:

  • Video Screen
  • SD Player
  • SD Cards
  • Valve and Sprayer
  • Hand Trigger
  • 2 Effects (Choose from 3)

You can also hook your own fog machine to it for an extra effect!
You can hook your own lights to it and have them flicker on and off when the effect plays!
Optionally, you can add a step mat or motion sensor!


2 Great Video Effects Included! You choose which 2 effects you want included!

Additional effects can be purchased for $49 each:

  • Severed Clown's Head
  • Severed Zombie Head 
  • Severed Human Hand
  • MSRP $1999